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Chris has over 20 years under his belt in tattooing. Whether it be tattoo, paint, pencil, or crayons, Chris enjoys working with custom artwork. For questions or appointment, call (262) 767-9227 (shop) or (262) 945-9425 (cell).


Introducing, Cassie Mareno, Sacred Images' newest addition and apprentice. Cassie has been tattooing since 2016 and is learning quickly. Cassie enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversations and band tattoos. She loves working with graphite, acrylic paints, colored pencil and digital. Influenced by artists like Rachel Baldwin, Jessica V and Roxy Ryder; Cassie enjoys stylized artwork in both full color or black and grey. Check out the newest additions to her portfolio in the Facebook and Instagram link and for questions or to set up an appointment, call (262) 767-9227 (shop) or text (262) 215-6063 (cell).